Features To Look For In Your Security Camera


Security is one goal that each being thrives on, it may be on different levels and through different media. It guarantees longer well-being and life value not just to human beings but also to belongings, spaces, and other valuables. A power-packed smart security system is a combination that not just alerts you about different mishaps, it even safeguards you from the damage or sometimes even reduces the intensity of the ravages of the situation.

Before the advancement of technology and the increase in crimes and different ways of perpetrating crimes evolved. Security was just restrained to one’s life. Life was considered the most valuable. The focus shifted to valued possessions such as homes, offices, and other spaces. Gone are the days when animals were trained to guard and security guards were hired to keep a watch over you, your people, and your resources. 

The advancement in technology, engineering techniques, and one-of-a-kind designing mechanisms and machinery evolution has resulted in the advent of different smart security solutions. One of the most extensively used smart security solutions is the security camera, and that’s exactly what we’re going to look into today. Two main types of cameras will surely prove beneficial to your, setup wise are-

  1. The Indoor Camera
  2. The Outdoor Camera



    Irrespective of whatever kind you wanna set up, you must take into consideration the functionality and features that the smart security solutions you go for should offer. The more powerful and feature-rich your security solution, the higher quality of security and convenience it will bring to you. 

    Here are the different features that your security camera should have!!

    High-Definition Footage

    Clear footage is everything, it will help you know who’s behind everything with clear imagery. An ideal security camera should have HD footage recording, preferably 720P/1080P. Our smart security cameras both indoor and outdoor have something even more than this, you can customize the footage you want to see in real time by zooming in and zooming out, along with picture and video capture functionality. Not all security camera suppliers win at getting you this!


    Motion Tracking 

    Feel suspicious when alone? Your security camera should keep you updated with every moment going on in the area with surveillance. Our security cameras get you seamless motion tracking, getting you updates in the form of notifications right on your device. It is all powered by articulate person identification.  Motion tracking can help you solve petty crimes in the space such as thefts, break-ins, and harm to life.


    Night Vision 

    Nighttime is one part of the day when security must be ensured, there are minimal crimes committed during the day. It is equally important to have clear footage at all times. So what if it’s night? The Omkii smart security cameras go into night-vision mode automatically once the natural lighting goes low. So, you get continuous footage throughout the day and watch over everything hassle-free even in pitch darkness.


    Two-way Audio 

    Thinking of getting a camera that does much more than just show, because things many times are what they look like. It is highly advisable to go for a security camera that supports audio, it will help you know more about what’s going on from the person near the gadget, and you can talk to anyone in the area covered. Not just this you can even hear conversations on your device from where the camera is set. Our security cameras have this feature.


    Extensive Coverage Area 

    The point of having a smart security camera is so that you can keep a watch over everything  conveniently. Go for a camera that covers a good amount of surface area and also gets you a tilt mechanism. The Omkii cameras get you incredible coverage of 355° panoramic view and a 10° tilt for greater vision boundaries. This is one feature that surely makes the security camera one of the most reliable solutions, it gives real-time insights and alerts to all that’s happening.


    Storage Options 

    One common problem that existing security camera owners face is space to store all the piled-up footage of every day. Generally, security cameras offer extended SD card storage. Our smart cameras offer you both, SD card storage as well as cloud storage. It also supports storing footage up to 128 GB. The saved custom footage and photos from it can also be stored on your mobile phone itself.


    Unlimited Sharing 

    There’s a vast difference between privacy and security. It not always, does privacy ensure security. Choose a security camera that lets you grant access to trusted ones and keeps entries authorized yet restricted. The Omkii smart cameras provide you with permission to share access to camera control and live real-time footage with whomever you want. Remember to share access only with ones you can trust. 


    Alarm System 

    A security system must have an alarm system to stop crimes from getting successful and alert people about the breach. Like earlier how guards or dogs would alert with their voice, your smart security camera should have its sound too. The smart security cameras by Omkii have an in-built alarm system that rings on suspicious activities and as backup, it also sends notifications on the phone in real-time as and when there’s something suspicious going on.


    Weather Resistance 

    Crimes don’t happen as per the weather, so why compromise on security at those times?? Your smart security camera should not just have quality feature functionality, but even a tough build, a build that helps it withstand and work errorlessly in even the most adverse conditions. The Omkii smart security camera is unbeatable when it comes to weather resistance. Whether there’s a storm, it’s raining or even snowing, we keep your security our utmost priority,


    Easy Installation & Operation 

    Here’s an additional feature you might want to look into- installation and running. Pick a camera that is simple to run and completely hassle-free to set up. All security cameras come with a guide and still, it becomes quite complex. The Omkii smart camera for security has a sleek design and basic structure, assisting easy detachment, this makes setting up the security equipment elsewhere from time to time easy. When you can control your camera through an app, it makes the operation unquestionable. 


    There are a large number of smart home security solutions available in the market today. Not all products are high-quality and reliable. It isn’t true that all top security brands offer seamless security solutions, or even that cheap security products have a short shelf-life. If there’s an ocean-wide assortment to choose from. Pick the one with great ratings & reviews and the one that isn’t too hard on your pocket. Not only the quality but also look into the number of units you exactly require before making your purchase.

    Omkii is a leading security & home automation solutions provider in America, known for crafting power-packed smart security solutions not just for the workspace, but also for your home. Apart from security cameras, both indoor and outdoor, our team of highly qualified and experienced engineers also gets you innovative smart door locks, smart doorbells with chimes, smart lights, and more. We have successfully served over a thousand clients in the United States Of America hailing from different industries and strata of society.


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