Top 5 Indoor Camera Features You Can't Ignore


Just keeping watch guards outside your door or near the main gate isn’t enough to keep your home free from any crimes. There are chances of theft happening internally too! The most advisable alternative to go for is to set up an indoor camera in the common areas of the house at angles giving a systematic view of everything going on.

With the increasing crime rate, the need and demand for security tech has risen at an alarming rate. As a resolution to this situation, newer and newer smart security solutions providers are entering the marketplace, providing unique security cameras, both indoor and outdoor. Today we’ll talk about the indoor camera.

What is an indoor camera?

An indoor camera is a smart security device designed to be used indoors to get seamless surveillance of everything happening in the space. Whether your house help is working alone at home or your baby is enjoying in the playroom. This smart security equipment will keep you updated in real-time along with extensive features, depending on the brand you choose. So, pick your security camera indoors wisely, keeping in mind the features, purpose of installation, price, etc. Everyone has something different to offer!

Let’s have a look at the top 5 notable features that your indoor camera must have!


High-Definition Footage

Crystal clear footage is the point of installing an indoor camera, it will help you get detailed insights into everything going on. An ideal security camera should have high-definition footage recording, preferably 720P/1080P. Our smart security indoor camera has something even more than this, you can customize the footage you want to see in real time by zooming in and zooming out, along with picture and video capture functionality. Not all indoor camera suppliers win at getting you this!


Motion Tracking

Does loneliness make you suspicious? Your indoor camera should keep you updated in real-time with everything that’s going on in the area that is being monitored. Our indoor camera gets you seamless motion tracking, getting you updates in the form of notifications right on your smartphone. It is all powered by articulate person identification. Motion tracking can help you solve petty crimes that might happen indoors such as thefts, break-ins, and harm to life.


Night Vision

Crimes usually don’t happen during the day. Nighttime is one part of the day when security must be ensured, that’s the time most crimes are perpetrated. Well not only day or night, your indoor camera must get you clear footage, glitch-free at all times. The Omkii smart security indoor camera goes into night-vision mode automatically once the natural lighting goes low. So, you get continuous footage during the day and watch over everything hassle-free even in pitch darkness.


Two-way Audio

Thinking of getting an indoor camera that does much more than just show you the footage, because things many times are not what they just look like. It is highly advisable to go for an indoor camera that supports audio for ensuring advanced safety, it will help you know more about what’s going on from the person near the gadget or even in the room, and you can talk to anyone present there. Not just this you can even hear conversations on your device from the location of the camera. Our security cameras have this feature.


Extensive Coverage

The point of having a smart security indoor camera is so that you can keep a watch over everything conveniently. Go for a camera that covers a good amount of surface area and also gets you a tilt mechanism. The Omkii indoor camera gets you incredible coverage of a 355° panoramic view and a 10° tilt for greater vision boundaries. This is one feature that surely makes our indoor camera one of the most reliable solutions, it gives real-time insights and alerts to all that’s happening over an expansive space.

Omkii is a leading security & home automation solutions provider in America, known for crafting power-packed smart security solutions not just for the workspace, but also for your home. Apart from smart indoor cameras, our team of highly qualified and experienced engineers also gets you innovative smart door locks, smart doorbells with chimes, smart lights, smart outdoor cameras, and more. We have successfully served over a thousand clients in the United States Of America hailing from different industries and strata of society.

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