Revolutionizing Independence Day With Smart Home Automation: Embrace The Future


As we all know that Independence Day for the USA is around the corner! So, let’s talk a little more about it. But, different from what the world is ranting about. We’ll look at the basics of the special day first. 

4th July is celebrated as the birth of American Independence. It was 4th July 1776 when the Second Continental Congress initiated the adoption of the Declaration of Independence on liberation from Great Britain. Right from then the day is celebrated with pomp and glory by the nation. There are concerts, bonfires, fireworks, and parades all across the United States on this day. The day has been declared a state holiday right from 1941.

Independence is a big milestone, but something more prime to all is security. Independence came at a big price, but security shouldn’t and it’s a need for which there shouldn’t be a price. Today we shall also talk of companionship and the battle between independence and security!!


The conflict and harmony between security and independence can never be cleared out, where there’s independence there is a great probability of crimes and freedom of expression and tampering with rights when it comes to stepping into the shoes of others. Well, on the other side security is like an extension of independence. Only when there’s independence will the people feel secure! The tale goes vice-versa too! When you feel secure you feel independent and tension-free from acting further. 

In today’s time of digital progression, automation has tapped into commercial and also private arenas so that there’s extended freedom for operations and secure living. Newer security devices and equipment are being available in the market day by day to get you safe at no cost. Because there’s no price to safety. 

Here are some of the top security devices that can amp up your livelihood!


Indoor & Outdoor Camera

The Omkii smart indoor and outdoor cameras are by far a favorite of all. This independence day keep a watch on everything that’s going on in and around the house with this security equipment. The cameras give high-quality 720P/1080P along with functionalities like motion-tracking, night-vision, two-way audio, and more.

Smart Doorlock

Your independence day can just get better with smart security from Omkii, Omkii we have something new for you, even if you aren’t the host and have places to go, the smart door lock. It grants access only if you or your family authorize it. It’s weather resistant and comes with an in-built alarm. There are four modes we offer for access- our app, your fingerprint, the password, or keys.

Smart Doorbell Camera with Chime

This Independence Day,  just open the door for Santa and your loved ones! With Omkii you can know who’s at the door even before opening it. Install the Omkii smart doorbell camera with a chime. The product gets you high-quality video footage, motion-sensing, night vision, and more. Take your pick from the two amazing color variants to add to your Independence Day vibe.

Smart Lights

One can’t imagine celebrating the coming year or the 4th of July without lights and color. Thanks to Omkii’s smart lights! There’s no need to buy different light decor for both festivals. We offer you a range of over 16 million color options to choose from. So you can set it accordingly as per the theme or however, you like it! It has voice control and Bluetooth too!!


Omkii is an evolving name in the home automation industry of the United States, known for providing revolutionary smart solutions that offer unbeatable security and incredible home sourcing. We believe that your safety is our priority.  Our smart objects are not just for the home, but also commercial workspaces, try and stay free of crimes for a lifetime. One great news for you is, we are getting you our smart and powerful security and home automation solutions at great discounts from 27th June-4th July.

The United States has been battling petty crimes for quite a few years, whether due to racial conflicts or poverty. We have had customer satisfaction right from the time of initiation. Some of the loyal clientele is from crime-prone areas and we can help you like they helped you too!

Apart from getting you these amazing security tech products, we also offer you quick delivery and flawless installation services along with a user manual to guide you, if you wish to set up on your own. We have served over 1000+ brands with over 5000 seamless security devices remarkably. Our team of highly qualified and experienced engineers has always succeeded in providing fitting security tech, high on features and functionality without glitches at the best rates. 

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