How Smart Home Automation Devices Can Fulfill Your Christmas & New Year Festivities

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The month of cheer and nostalgia’s back, just like every year. Yes, it’s December and there’s a sure thing, you would have already started running errands to fulfill the homely and festive Christmas and New Year traditions, whether it’s gonna be a grand bash or just a private gathering with immediate kith and kin. You need to have supplies ready for the big day and even the final night. An abundant supply ensures comfortable hosting. It does not just supply that claim you to be a great host. The guest and dear ones should feel welcome and homely. To ensure this you must even ensure safety and security.

Safety is key at all times, especially when you are putting up an event or a festival. When you ensure safety at an event like Christmas or New Year, it shows the care you have for each one present. It does not just prevent mishaps but at times, even petty crimes. After all, in today’s time, no one can be trusted. Safety also helps maintain decorum to some extent and keeps attendees at bay from committing crimes. Make safety a priority and enjoy this festive month in full swing, hassle-free.

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Through the years, the intensity and need for security have changed quite a lot. It’s not just to keep a watch or for a certain time. The crime rate has increased immensely due to sky-high costs of living. Safety should be seamless. Here’s how there have been changes in the modes of security over time-

Initially, people used to keep animals as pets for safekeeping for their homes and themselves. But that turned on to be quite severe and didn’t ensure the safety of others. Then, the safety role shifted onto manforce, and that’s when security guards came into the picture, and then there was a sudden rise in demand for security agencies, who started appointing guards for surveillance and safety. This for sure opened up work opportunities for an entire section of society, but as inflation came into play, crimes among this section also became prevalent.

This was followed by the advent of technology. Into the field of security. Now there are countless smart objects offering security available in the market. Smart solutions have in turn made things more convenient and ever-secure. There are no more repetitive salary costs, hassles of attendance, etc. All you need to do is install the devices and get them running for all-around security at all times.

Now let’s have a look at the benefits of installing Omkii smart solutions this Christmas and New Year

Many entrepreneurs have tapped the security-tech industry today! But, there’s no ultimate device provider, there’s a differences in functionality and features, and one device can’t have it all. There’s one brand that can keep you worry-free about security at all times, Omkii, here are its smart objects of security and home automation that will be a boon for you-

Indoor & Outdoor Camera

The Omkii smart indoor and outdoor cameras are by far a favorite of all. This festive season keeps a watch on the entire party in and around the house with this security equipment. The cameras give high-quality 720P/1080P along with functionalities like motion-tracking, night-vision, two-way audio, and more.

Smart Doorlock

We saw how Christmas and New Year's day can be kept secure, but at Omkii we have something for you, even if you aren’t the host and have places to go, the smart door lock, it grants access only if you or your family authorize it. It’s weather resistant and comes with an in-built alarm. There are four modes we offer for access- our app, your fingerprint, the password, or keys.

Smart Doorbell Camera with Chime

This Christmas just open the door for Santa and your loved ones! With Omkii you can know who’s at the door even before opening it. Install the Omkii smart doorbell camera with a chime. The product gets you high-quality video footage, motion-sensing, night vision, and more. Take your pick from the two amazing color variants to add to your New Year’s theme.

Smart Lights

One can’t imagine Christmas or New Year without lights. Thanks to Omkii’s smart lights! There’s no need to buy different light decor for both festivals. We offer you a range of over 16 million color options to choose from. So you can set it accordingly as per the theme or however you like it! It has voice control and Bluetooth too!!


Not all smart security solutions are the same, so pick according to your requirement and ensure that you order in the right quantity of units too! While installing ensure that each of the solutions is fit the correct way, if you’re a newbie, figure it out from the manual. For cameras and lighting ensure that the angle of the fitting is right. Also once installed, don’t forget to download the app for controls and share access to the security system with your housemates. Have a very merry Christmas and a treasurable New year!

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Omkii is an evolving name in the home automation industry of the United States, known for providing revolutionary smart solutions that offer unbeatable security and incredible home sourcing. We believe that your safety is our priority. Our smart objects are not just for the home, but also commercial workspaces, try and stay free of crimes for a lifetime.

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