Why A Doorbell Camera Is A Game Changer For Home Security

We have all heard the saying that ‘ Charity begins at home’. Similarly while talking of security there’s a saying, ‘Safety begins at the doorstep’. Security cameras have been a part of the security tech industry for over a decade. But along with the advancement and evolution of security cameras, there have been newer and more intelligent devices available in the market offering you extensive security.  Today we shall talk about one such smart security solution that safeguards your home right from the first foot, the smart doorbell camera!


 What is a doorbell camera?

A doorbell camera is a smart security solution that is like the modernization of a doorbell. As for the vintage doorbell, it rings with the push of a button and you know someone’s there! But, there’s more to this with the doorbell camera. It not only has a push button that rings but also a mini camera that gives you a glimpse of your doorstep. You will know who’s there even before you open the door. There are even more features, depending on the brand you pick or the version you go for, to install at your doorstep!


A doorbell camera is a new entrant in the security tech industry of today. You can install it at your doorstep and let nothing go unnoticed. A doorbell camera is a power-packed smart security device that works as both- a doorbell and even a security camera. Now let’s have a look at a few pointers which make the smart doorbell a winning smart security solution for your home, today!- 

 Extensive safety

 The doorbell camera adds a level of security to your home and makes it smarter. There’s additional guarding when you install it. The criminal will have to crack one more smart security solution before breaking in and the smart doorbell won’t allow that.

 Anytime monitoring

 The doorbell camera is connected to your smartphone, you can not only view your doorstep at any time from anywhere but also modify the view and control the smart security solution from the app download. This will help you secure your family and update you about parcels.

 Burglary prevention

Are there valuable artifacts at your doorstep or did the delivery guy leave your parcel at the door? The doorbell camera will watch over it all and ensure they are safe, not stolen or tampered with!


We discussed above that the smart doorbell has different features depending on the version or the brand. The doorbell camera has motion detection that lets you know about every movement through notifications on your phone and signals on the display screen.


The modern doorbell camera has a two-way audio feature. It enables you to talk and answer through your phone or display screen right at the doorstep. You can now communicate with strangers or whoever is at the door before allowing entry.

 Footage save

The smart doorbell, as we know, has a tiny camera above the ring button, it not only gets you seamless surveillance. But you can even save the footage for later reference in case a crime or a break-in is perpetrated.

 Easy installation & run

Setting up the doorbell camera is very simple. It's wired and there’s not a lot of cabling, it supports plug & play. In a nutshell, working it is also too easy. It all runs on wifi. Make your home smarter right from the main door with the smart doorbell.

 Expert tip- While picking your smart doorbell, choose the doorbell camera that offers you top security along with relevant features. Also, don’t forget to pick the variant that suits your door the best. This will help you refrain from unnecessary spending.


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