Different Types Of Security Cameras And Their Usage


Being safe is more than just a principle it is a way of life. The parameters of staying safe have changed over time and also depend on the situations we are put in at different phases of life. Gone are the days when safety was just about surviving from day to day. Today safety is of a broader vision, a vision going beyond the self. Along with taking care of yourself, there are tons of things and spaces you need to keep safe. You need to keep your home safe, family safe, and valuables safe and there’s more for all those who are of the working class, you need to keep your employees, workspace, and other proximal elements secure. It is all due to the alarming crime rate and increases in the expense of living.

Thanks to scientific and technological advancement today, we have different gadgets and gizmos that have made us dependent on them for our daily needs and activities. There is one such marvel that the IT hardware and software industries have come up with today, security systems. And an integral part of the security system, the security cameras! Security cameras have become tireless digital watchdogs of today. A security camera was initially introduced to keep a check on the activities and movements of people in the coverage area and also to prevent any crime or mishap. This functionality made security cameras a must-have for all!

Security cameras are beneficial for both personal spaces and commercial spaces. The two prime reasons they are installed at different spots are for surveillance and recording routine activities and movements in and around the space. At home, security cameras can help you keep a watch on the help and also your loved ones, this will not just prevent fraud and thefts, but also alert you on any emergencies. There’s something more for the businesses too! You can keep track of each employee’s movement and also know all about the entries and exits or any unforeseen incidents.different-types-2

Security Cameras Today

There is something new coming up every day, in the field of science and technology! Numerous updates are hitting the market to provide better-performing solutions and services. Similarly, there have been revolutionary changes at the security equipment front and in the cameras too! Extensive functionality and Better convenience. Nowadays there are different types of security cameras available in the market catering to the rather specific needs of different households, structures, and even businesses.

Even though there are different purposes for every different CCTV camera solution, there are many common benefits that each shares like:different-types-3

These were the general benefits of any security camera you can get today. Now let’s get onward with the specifics and details before you get your security system or CCTV camera

Let’s have a look at some of the common types of CCTV cameras that are used today!

As the needs and roles of individuals evolved so did the different situations where safety needed to be ensured. Did you know? Not all security cameras are the same, there is something special that each one offers as a boon of advanced security. Here are the types

Bullet Camera

As the name suggests a bullet camera is a micro-sized camera, having a bullet-like shape used in different security solutions and equipment. It captures images and videos with the minutest details. It is the most suited kind to get long-distance surveillance with clear details like number plates, names, or even movements of far far away.

Dome Camera

This is another shape-specific type of security camera. It’s circular like a dome. It is the most extensively used camera for security surveillance. It can be used anywhere for unparalleled coverage of nearby and proximal situations. It gives clear footage of short distances at wide angles focusing on the clarity of detail.

IP Camera

The introduction of the internet showed the fade to systems with wires and chords. This was evident among the CCTV camera fraternity too! The IP camera is a digital CCTV camera where data is controlled through the transfer of images through the internet. It does not require any recording devices, just a local area network connection and it’s enough.

PTZ Camera

Here’s a security camera that is known for the different angles that it can provide coverage of. PTZ is an acronym for Pan, tilt, and zoom. It allows the user to control the different angles of the camera remotely. Even though it works with different angles there is no digital pixelation.

Indoor Camera

Want to know what’s going on inside the premises? Then the security solution most ideal for you is an indoor camera. The indoor camera gives you continuous footage of the interiors of your home and also your workspace. It is advisable to install the cameras in the general space of your space.

Wifi Camera

This is a security camera that works on just wifi connectivity. Yes, you heard it right the camera transmits video footage sometimes along with the audio to a receiver or your smart device through a radio band. Sometimes there is a single chord connecting the camera to a power source, the wifi works only for the transmission.

3G/4G Camera

These are the most suitable security cameras for remote locations and places with poor wifi. A 3G/4G camera doesn’t require any external storage device. All the footage and other data are stored on cloud storage. These camera types come powered by AI, which means there is always room for updates.

Thermal Camera

A thermal CCTV camera is an ideal security equipment for all practitioners and hospitals in the medical industry. It helps in detecting individuals with high body temperature so that transmission of infection can be detected amongst the crowd. It can be installed at airports in countries prioritizing health.

Infrared camera

Want security ensured in low-light areas or dark and dingy spots? Then install the advanced infrared camera. It has an infrared filter that gives consistent recording in bad weather and power cuts. The primary feature of this camera and why it is highly preferred is its night vision.

Hidden Camera

Are you under any suspicions of the ongoing in your home or workspace? Set up hidden cameras and unravel the secrecy, nobody will know! Hidden cameras are micro-sized or camouflaged cameras that are often unnoticed to indeliberate looks. They can be fitted anywhere or posed as other fake objects too!

C-mount Camera

This is the most portable kind of security camera. The user can detach the lens and fit it anywhere according to the need. It also has a wider range of coverage than the mainstream traditional security cameras that go up to only 40 feet. Its portability is the reason why it is compatible with a wide range of technologies.

Varifocal Camera

Want advanced intricacy of the happenings at work or home? A varifocal camera is all you need. The primary feature of this camera is that you can zoom in and out immensely without losing focus on the object or the space you want to keep a watch on. It is used in places that are highly prone to petty crimes and suspicious activity.

Those were the different types. Now we shall look at...

How the CCTV camera solution came into play?

CCTV cameras are the most extensively used security solutions in these times of increasing crimes and felonies. Earlier it was just the government workspaces where security cameras were installed, then to ensure order and low crime rates, they were witnessed in public places. This opened doors for security cameras at commercial private and public workspaces, schools, and other open-access amenities and facilities. Now we see CCTV cameras in gated communities, housing areas, and even at the gates and doors of affluent people. Days aren’t far when they will be a part of every household for safeguarding and tracking purposes. We all know people today aren’t trustworthy, whoever they are.


The scope of security cameras hasn’t reached maturity yet. No doubt, there are many more types of security cameras available in the market today. Before you pick the one you want, check the availability, features, and functions. Also, remember to keep tabs on the number of units you require to fill up the space. Finally, choose the one that fits your needs and requirements the best.different-types-4

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