Revolutionary Monitoring With Smart Cameras

Revolutionary Monitoring With Smart Cameras

Monitoring isn’t just watching over a group of people. It goes beyond that. Nowadays surveillance involves safety at an all in all level, including your property and other valuables. Not just crimes but you can even stay aware of emergencies and mishaps of all sorts. In today’s world monitoring centric to supervision and safety can also be called surveillance.

In the golden years with the absence of technology and the internet world, monitoring wasn’t as sharp and powerful, ‘people in charge’ as we still say were given the duty to supervise, track or just watch over territories, even pets were trained to look over and safeguard properties, belongings, and herds. You might still see the ‘Beware of dog’ sign outside some homes. Those days are gone but, dimly fading, thanks to the advent of the internet, artificial intelligence, and mastered engineering we have seamless & high-powered smart security equipment.

What are the different smart security solutions available today?

One gadget isn’t enough for full-proof surveillance. It’s always more than what meets just the eye or falls just to the ears. For 360° monitoring, there are different tools and devices. Here are some of the most extensively used smart security solutions used in a smart security system-

  1. Indoor & Outdoor Camera
  2. Smart Doorbell with Chime
  3. Smart Doorlock
  4. Smart Light

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The top smart security equipment used most extensively today is the smart camera. It’s available in countless versions and features from a heavily competitive supplier network. The smart camera has two variants namely- indoor camera and outdoor camera. 

Thanks to ‘smart living’ there are two more subcategories in the market- wired and smart i.e. wifi-powered. You’ll for sure see security cameras in public places. But, that’s not it, a large number of homes and commercial office spaces have been tapped hard with this futuristic solution.

Now let’s see why the smart cameras are such a buzz and everyone has them!

It’s not just the techy-edge and elitism that the presence of a camera shows. But, it's the class-apart functionality and cutting-edge features that make them a choice of all! Below are the features of the smart camera that we at Omkii LLC get you-

HD footage 

Our smart indoor camera and outdoor camera bring you high-definition footage of 720P/1080P. You can even zoom in and zoom out for better focus on the display and even on your mobile phone. Full HD with seamless responsiveness that fits all screens. Bid farewell to blurry and splitting images with the Omkii smart cameras. The solution brings you crystal clear and smart color visuals even in low light.

Motion tracking

Get notified with every movement in the camera range! Yes, our cameras bring you unbeatable motion tracking that senses not just humans moving about, but even animals and other warm-moving objects. You get a notification on your phone and even on the display as and when there’s any kind of action. It’s all the power of AI’s motion sensing.

Night vision

Most of the crimes occur at night. It’s not just broad daylight when our smart cameras are at work. Both, the indoor and outdoor cameras get you high clarity, glitch-free video footage at night right on your mobile phone. So, you don’t need to be at the display at late hours. This functionality automatically turns onn as the day changes to night. You can view 24-hour real-time footage from anywhere on the Omkii app too!

2-way communication

Who says cameras only watch over what’s happening in the area? With the smart cameras by Omkii, you can even hear who’s saying what! Wait !! There’s more you can even speak to your people at home or even in and around the workspace with crisp audio of the 2-way communication mechanism in every camera. Stay worry-free, when you can talk and interact in times of need.

Expansive coverage

This is one of the most important features you must look at before buying a smart camera for your space. How much area does its focus cover? What are the different angles it gives you footage from? The Omkii smart indoor camera and the outdoor camera show more than what might meet the eye at first look. Footage with 355° panoramic and 100° tilt coverage will keep you aware of everything that’s going around!


Earlier security cameras or as we call them the ‘CCTV cameras’ would just have SD card storage provision. The Omkii smart cameras offer you extended storage options. Once the SD card memory is full, you can start storing it on the cloud system. Our cameras offer you a storage space of up to 128 GB.

Access sharing

Living in a shared space? Or Do you have partners at the workspace? No need to worry! Unlike other smart security solutions, our smart indoor camera and the outdoor camera will bring visual real-time footage to whomsoever you share the access credentials with. There’s no limit to screen sizes to whom you can share access. Your family and co-workers can stay informed and alert at all times.

In-built alarm system

It’s not just fire systems and emergency solutions that have an alarm system that goes on! The Omkii smart indoor and outdoor camera has an in-built alarm system that goes on with every breach or suspicious activity going on in the coverage area. Thanks to the motion-tracking functionality expressed earlier, you get real-time alerting notifications on your mobile phone itself from the Omkii app.

Weather resistance

You might have been in a situation where the security camera or the ‘CCTV’ stops responding due to unfavorable weather conditions. The team of Omkii gets you robust cameras made of the most durable material, plastic. These solutions can withstand extreme temperatures ranging between -10°C to 50°C. Get uninterrupted real-time video footage whatever the weather-rain, snow, or the burning heat!

App control

As mentioned twice earlier, you know that we have an Omkii app too! You can, not just view the real-time footage from the smart indoor and outdoor cameras. You can even strema all of it anytime, start recording the videos or even capture pictures from the on-going footage capturing. Your Omkii app is the window you can open from anywhere at anytime.

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Omkii is a leading security & home automation solutions provider in America, known for crafting power-packed smart security solutions not just for the workspace, but also for your home. Apart from security cameras, both indoor and outdoor, our team of highly qualified and experienced engineers also gets you innovative smart door locks, smart doorbells with chimes, smart lights, and more. We have successfully served over a thousand clients in the United States Of America hailing from different industries and strata of society.

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