The Ultimate Guide to Choosing the Best Indoor Camera for Home Security

Smart Indoor Camera

Protecting your family and your home is your priority. To ensure security it's highly advisable to set up an indoor camera. Just the outer world doesn’t execute all crimes! With every passing day, newer vendors are evolving in the market, providing all types of security cameras for your home. The variety is confusing, isn’t it? Every camera has different specifications and features such as resolution, type, connectivity, storage, and innovative functionality. 

Well! This is your go-to guide telling you all you need to know before you claim a security camera as the Best Indoor Camera for your home. Here’s a bit about the different aspects available in the market today!- 

Camera type-

Static Camera

This camera type offers you a stable view of wherever you install it. It’s the ideal choice when you want to watch over a particular spot constantly from a specific angle.

Dynamic Camera

This camera is also known as the pan-tilt-zoom camera. It rotates horizontally and vertically. Not just that, it can also zoom in and out for focussing on particular spots in larger areas.

360° Camera

Do you need a comprehensive view of an open space or a whole room? You can get full coverage, in and around the surveillance spot with this 360° surveillance camera.



This resolution in cameras provides clear footage of 720p which might get tampered with under unfavorable conditions. It is suitable for general monitoring purposes.

Full high-definition

This is an evolution of the standard high-definition resolution. It is ideal to get seamless crystal clear, detailed home surveillance. The Full HD camera offers 1080p footage.

Ultra High-definition

This resolution in cameras is highly favorable for crime-prone spots and public spaces. It provides 4K footage giving the best quality, sharp and detailed footage.


WiFi- powered

A WiFi security camera is super easy to install and also gives you seamless remote access to all screened devices. The world runs on WiFi these days, why can’t indoor cameras?


Do you wish to get a stable and highly reliable connection to your security camera? Then you must go for the traditional wired security camera. It’s still on the market!

Night vision-

These are the infrared security cameras that get you clear footage even in the dark and at night. Get 24/7 continuous footage.

Two-way audio

The audio security camera enables you to interact with the subjects in the surveillance zone. Now you can command over pets and help, also watch over and interact with the family.

Motion detection

Cameras nowadays offer motion detection, wherein there are signals and notifications whenever there’s movement of any kind in the surveillance zone.

App control and cloud storage

Security camera vendors have come up with applications that provide you with control of devices and also enable you to get footage right on the phone along with extended storage on the cloud.

Smart Indoor Camera


That was a bit about what is available in indoor cameras these days. But now let’s look at what you should go for when you wish to get your own indoor camera, it should be the best indoor camera fitting your home and you! Here are a few pointers-


  • Go for an indoor camera that has smart home integration and is compatible with Alexa, Amazon, Google, and Apple Home
  • Get a camera that offers extensive security like lens cover and privacy adjustments.
  • Budget is important. Spend the right amount on your indoor camera, not more or less!
  • Go online and get a look at the review and product reputation along with feedback.
  • Be clear about the units you need and where you wish to install each one of them.
  • Know the purpose of putting the spot under surveillance before choosing the type.
  • Select the indoor camera that gives you high-clarity footage and even image display.
  • Go for a wired indoor camera if you have network problems with the setup. WiFi camera, only if your priority is remote access.
  • Decide on the view you wish to cover and then decide on the security camera type.
  • Be legally informed and adhere to the indoor camera guidelines approved locally.

Smart Indoor Camera

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